We'll Give Your Son The Exact Playbook to Get 25 Interested Coaches in 24 Weeks

Without relying on "connections", wasting money on camps, and being confused on what you should be doing next.

And if you for some reason don't get 25 interested coaches in those 24 weeks we will work with you until you do.

The Scholarship Accelerator Method

Phase 1: Gameplan

You will get crystal clear with Trenton on three things:• Your son’s brand.
• What are some quick wins we can get to get your son talking to college coaches in the next few weeks?
• What is the long-term vision of you and your son’s recruiting and where do we start?
We want you to have a successful recruiting cycle. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get you some quick wins. So let’s go for both.

Phase 2: Execution

You now have a plan. It’s time to execute. Except this time you won’t be alone:• Access to the Scholarship Accelerator Training + Community
• You understand you can ask us whatever you want and get personalized advice back. Whether on our weekly calls or via the community if that’s more convenient to you:
• All (optional) calls are on Tuesday and Sunday at 8 PM Eastern Time. The only mandatory call is the initial one with Trenton to get you clear on your brand, and recruiting gameplan.

Phase 3: Interest

At this point you’re in control of your recruiting and a predictable system to get college coaches interested in your son. And you’ll have a choice:• Keep working with us to get you an actual scholarship offer.
• Take a step back and enjoy the momentum you’ve built.
Both are fine.

Create an Unfair Advantage in Your Recruiting

We only accept 10 recruits a month. So book a call before spots run out.

Don't Believe Me?

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